Our Research

Our research explores the intersection of emotional and cognitive processes that occur naturally as we age. We focus on investigating how different strategies influence emotional wellbeing. Other research interests include age-related changes in  emotional judgments and decision-making, tracking changes in brain networks in Alzheimer’s disease, and tracking the impact of cognitive training in older adults.

Neuroscience of Emotion Regulation Across Age

Our lab investigates how these different emotion regulation strategies influence emotional resilience and physiology across the lifespan.  Using methods such as eye tracking and fMRI, we aim to understand the brain-basis of resilience and well-being in later life.


Mindfulness in Later Life

We aim to investigate how mindfulness strategies evolve in later life to influence emotional responses and health. We aim to answer questions such as 


1). What is the role of self-awareness and memory in well-being among older adults?


2). Do older adults benefit more from strategies than younger people?